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Mindfulness for Young Adults

Young people are faced with countless pressures in today’s world, it is no wonder anxiety and stress are on the increase. Aside from the numerous stresses that COVID 19 has brought, some of the issues that cause real concern for young people include;

Body image, pressures brought about by social media, job and career concerns, friendships, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs, to name just a few.

Learning the tools of Mindfulness while young is an opportune time to provide invaluable, lifelong strategies to help manage stress, anxiety, over-thinking, self-doubt and also improve general well-being and happiness.

Developing a regular mindfulness practice can be likened to developing muscles in the gym. The more you practice, the greater the impact. As we develop this mindfulness ‘muscle’ we become better placed to break free from, or not ‘buy into’ unhelpful thinking patterns that cause us distress and prevent us from leading positive lives.

Our next course for 20-25 year olds starts on Tuesday 23rd March at 6.30pm. Further information and registration can be found on the booking page. Please contact us for concessionary rates.

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