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"Thank you Fiona and George for opening the door to mindfulness. I’ve stepped through and certainly won’t be looking back! Learning to be present in a busy world has been invaluable" Sarah Rogers, Manchester

"George and Fiona delivered a course that is perfect for both the beginner or someone more experienced in mindfulness. Everyone deserves to attend at least once!" Michelle, Hampshire

"I have found this course really fulfilling and see it as an important part of my Mindfullness journey. It has encouraged me to make some significant life changes. The trainers George and Fiona were fantastic and I felt comfortable with their approach and the group within the first session. Thanks to George and Fiona this course has been life changing! Absolutely brilliant!" I can’t thank you enough. Tracey, Manchester

"An excellent course that has helped me to understand and practice what I need to do to improve my mood energy levels and outlook" Paul English, Widnes

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